Industrial Dust Collectors

Housed in the heaviest steel construction, Dynamo Dust Collectors feature MAC Pulse Valves, Mechanovent blowers, and nanofiber filters that work together to provide the most efficient dust collection solution.

To see a Dynamo Dust Collector install, check out our auto parts manufacturing case study! A global automotive parts manufacturer faced with unique safety and health requirements needed help establishing a safe, clean air working environment.

Once Dynamo Dust Collectors were installed, the machine operators noticed a drastic change in the facility's air quality!

Dynamo Dust Collectors meets NFPA 652, NFPA 654, and OSHA requirements for Hexachromium.

Dynamo Dust Collector Units

Dynamo Dust Collectors

Dynamo sets the new industrial dust collection standard

Dynamo Dust Collectors are designed by Air Cleaning Specialists, Inc., to provide a high-quality solution for industrial facilities faced with the dangers of hazardous dust. Each detail of our dust collectors has been hand-selected by industry experts to ensure the highest level of quality.

Dynamo is the only dust collection system on the market to offer MAC valves as standard. MAC valves help increase filter life by 20-30% to cut down on maintenance costs and save energy and compressed air.

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From welding smoke to laser and plasma cutting, Dynamo is the best solution for any industrial dust collection application.

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