Air Cleaners for COVID-19

The surge of COVID-19 and cold-weather temperatures are increasing the amount of time people spend indoors. While wearing a mask properly and practicing social distancing have shown to significantly reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19, there are concerns about aerosol transmission and if air filtration systems can help.

The answer is yes.

By strategically placing air filtration systems in your home or workspace, you can prevent stale pockets of air, control VOCs and odors, avoid insects and pests, restrict bacteria, fungus, and mold, and generate optimal circular airflow.

Blue Ox commercial and industrial air cleaners don’t require any ductwork! With a friendly plug & play design, you can simply hang or suspend units for immediate filtration + there is no loss of heat or air conditioning.

Blue Ox air filtration system install.
A Blue Ox air filtration system quickly removes smoke from a smoke bomb in this demonstration.


Air filtration systems reduce up to 99.99% of harmful particulate by drawing contaminated air through a series of high-efficiency filters that separate sub-micron particles to leave your space with cleaned, surgical-grade air!

Each air filtration system has a specific catch and throw distance to determine how far apart the units should be placed to ensure continuous airflow from one system to the next.

By placing air cleaners in a pattern to create circular airflow, the systems can clean the same air multiple times. The number of times that the air is then circulated through this pattern is referred to as an air exchange.

Depending upon your application and room size, you may require more or fewer exchanges to properly clean the air. It's important to install the right amount of air cleaners to ensure that the CFM (cubic feet per minute) requirements are met.

Consult our experts for proper planning and placement.

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Benefits of Air Filtration Systems

1. Secure Employee Safety

Employers are solely responsible for workplace conditions and safety measures. Air filtration systems help employers secure a safe work environment by filtering contaminated air until its surgical-grade clean.

Protecting machine operators from exposure to contaminated air will lower employee injury risks and sick-days while boosting productivity and morale!

2. Meet Air Quality Regulations

Air filtration systems are designed to help employers meet Federal, State, and local clean air standards. To find out which air filtration system best meets the demands of your application, contact us.

Employers and machine operators must also abide by OSHA and NIOSH regulations and follow manufacturer safety and operation manuals to ensure optimal safety.

3. Improve Equipment Protection

Without air filtration systems, the particulate in contaminated air can land in and on machinery causing equipment to perform less efficiently or breakdown.

Consistent equipment issues result in higher maintenance and repair costs while lowering productivity rates.

4. Prevent Fire Hazards

A combustible dust hazard can be determined when machine operators are performing grinding, deburring, cutting, blasting, sieving, budding, or polishing processes with combustible metals and if there's an ignition source present. Types of ignition sources can include:

  • Weld arcs
  • Grinding sparks
  • Kilns
  • Electrical enclosures
  • Stoves

There are air filtration systems, such as dust collectors, that are specifically designed to prevent fire and explosion risks.

Our Commitment To You

As a manufacturer and distributor of Air Cleaning, Ducting, and Filtration products we are proud to have been identified as an essential business. We will remain open for business performing essential operations during this crisis, supplying industrial, military, and healthcare operations with our products. We are shipping orders on time, with no delay in manufacturing.

These are unprecedented times and we are committed to protecting both our employees and our communities. Clean air has never been more important, and we're making sure our customers have everything they need. From those working from home who need high-quality air filters to the other essential businesses we supply products to, we're here for you.

We thank you for your support and your business and we hope that this will all be over soon.

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