Industrial warehouses implement odor control and air filtration to prevent the accumulation of odors, mold, mildew, bacteria, and other airborne contaminants.

Commercial & Industrial Odor Control

Countless industries are faced with the threats that are associated with odors and VOCs. When smells linger long-term they can create an uncomfortable atmosphere, cause allergy irritation and other health issues, and leave residue on walls, surfaces, and furnishings. Restaurant and bar owners, warehouse managers, and many other employers have to keep odors at bay to prevent potential business loss. Based on the application, odors and VOCs may both be present, creating serious safety and health risks.

From cigar bars to commercial kitchens to industrial warehouses, and more, odors are a constant challenge. Whether it be cigarette smoke or food smells, when odors go uncontrolled the more unpleasant and unsafe the air quality becomes.

It's important to note that relying on HVAC systems to filter odors is ineffective because they're not equipped with the power or filter technology required. The most common filter media for odor and VOCs is activated carbon. Activated carbon is effective at removing commercial and industrial odors because it attracts and draws scent into itself, while maximizing the surface area.

Odor Removing Air Filtration Systems

Activated carbon is a well-known component in the absorption and adsorption of odors and fumes - however, there are limitations to how well carbon will work for certain chemicals. Air filtration systems, or air scrubbers, equipped with activated carbon are used to collect and remove odor molecules through adsorption, making them highly effective at controlling odors!

Blue Ox Air Cleaners offer a Lite Odor Control series and an Extra Odor Control series to meet your application demands! Our odor removal systems are equipped with 9lbs, 18lbs, or 36lbs of carbon and charcoal after-filters to guarantee maximum odor removal.

When it comes to finding an odor removal solution for commercial and industrial applications, we recommend discussing your options with an expert. Utilizing a system or solution that is not designed to remove odors and VOCs can deliver poor results - the ACS team specializes in custom air filtration systems to meet your odor control needs.

Commercial and industrial kitchens utilize odor control to neutralize strong cooking and food smells.

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