NFPA Explosion Isolation Valves

BOSS Explosion Isolation Valves are a required NFPA component for the suction side of any duct that transports material with a Kst value above zero.

KST is an explosive property that is measured to explain the severity of dust explosions by evaluating how much pressure an explosion can produce and how quickly it will travel.

The BOSS No Return Valve is ATEX certified and will protect machine operators and facilities from the damaging effects of a baghouse or filter explosion.

Standard Features:

    ✓ Heavy-duty welded steel construction
    ✓ Inspection/access door
    ✓ Locking mechanism
    ✓ Flanged inlet and outlet with co-flanges
    ✓ Grounding lug
    ✓ ATEX certification – en16447
BOSS No Return Explosion Isolation Valve


Secure employee & facility protection in case of an explosion

In addition to the standard features, all EcoMAXX® No Return Valves can be configured to include the following optional features:

✓ Micro-switch for system shutdown *
✓ Dust level sensor *
✓ Intrinsically safe control panel *

* Required for NFPA 69 Compliance

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NFPA standards require that central dust collectors are equipped with a component that prevents fires and/or explosions from entering the facility.

By utilizing NFPA explosion isolation valves, employers can establish protection for their employees and work environment.

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