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Air filters, or furnace filters, are designed to keep the coils and heat exchanges on your HVAC system clean.

Air filters, or furnace filters, are designed to collect and trap air contaminants such as dust, dirt, pet dander, and pollen to help clean the air that circulates through your space.

Countless people and industries rely on filters to clean the air in their homes, workshops, and facilities. Purolator air filters are available in a range of configurations so that we can accommodate almost any customer.

Each air filter type is uniquely designed to allow air to flow through them easily while capturing particulate more efficiently.

Purolator Air Filters outperform competitors in initial and average efficiency, and provide optimal filter service life.

Purolator Air Filters is dedicated to improving the science of air filtration and the quality and performance of its air filter products. Shop our entire selection of pleated, panel, bag, and box air filters, ranging from MERV 8 - MERV 11.

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