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Commercial and industrial duct parts are essential in dust collection and fume extraction systems. Ductwork parts work together to create systems that help keep fumes, smoke, and other air contaminants away from breathing zones. Nordfab® ducting helps improve work environments by limiting the number of accidents and production issues, and it can be customized to accommodate any size plant or facility!

Nordfab is reusable, modular, and adaptable — making it ideal for almost any application. QF® ducting provides one of the lowest life-cycle costs of any ducting product because it's easy to uninstall and relocate. Nordfab® can be implemented into already existing ductwork systems to improve effectiveness and prevent leakage in older structures.

Nordfab® duct minimizes air resistance, withstands high air pressure, and reduces static pressure loss, making it an excellent choice for marerial handling applications. From wood dust to coffee roaster ducting, Nordfab® is the preferred option and is versatile enough to manage wet, oil mist, and abrasive processes. Nordfab® clamp-together ducting parts feature unique rolled edge ends and easy-to-use clamps to provide a more efficient way to install ductwork systems.

Nordfab QF Ducting installed on the outside of an industrial plant.

Nordfab® Ducting

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The clamp-together ductwork system requires no rivets, screws, or special tools, unlike flanged and spiral ducting. By utilzing ducting, you can lower the risk of dust escaping from process and production equipment while keeping your employees safe.

As Nordfab® distributors, we strive to exceed customer expectations by providing high-quality products, expert solutions, and outstanding service. For assistance with sizing ductwork or for more info about ducting parts, get in touch with our specialists.

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Not only is Nordfab® ducting quickly becoming the new standard for dust, mist, and smoke collection, it is also, ISO certified and offers solutions to improve the inside and outside of work environments.

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