Woodshop Dust Ducting
Case Study

Jay Tuttell is a hobbyist woodworker who specializes in crafting cabinets, tables, chairs, and other home furnishings.

With concerns about the health risks that are involved with wood dust, Jay reached out to us in need of a safe, efficient, and affordable system to transport harmful wood dust away from his working environment and into a collection area.

We customized a Nordfab Quick-Fit, clamp-together ducting system for a home woodshop and saved our customer from spending additional money on design and installation costs.

Woodshop Dust Duct installation.
Woodshop Dust Ducting installation.

Why Use Nordfab Wood Dust Ducting?

✓ Quick & easy to install
✓ Just clamp it!
✓ Fits almost any application
✓ Can easily be moved
✓ Easy to Maintain
✓ Leak-tight, solid welded seams
✓ Available in a variety of materials

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From Our Customers

I finished my duct install last week. I did a start up of the D.C. and ran each machine and the system is nice and quiet without any leaks.

- Jay Tuttel

Woodshop ducting case study.
Woodshop dust ducting case study.
Woodworking ductwork case study.
Wood dust ducting case study.

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