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Wood being sanded and finished.

Sanding & Finishing Dust Collection

High volumes of dust are discharged when machine components move or spin during the sanding and finishing processes. Once airborne, the particulate that is emitted presents various health risks and production issues.

Sanding and finishing generate fine dust that's submicron in size making it invisible to the human eye and highly dangerous when inhaled by machine operators and nearby employees. This type of fine dust lingers in the air even after machines and tools have stopped running.

The make-up of sanding and finishing dust varies based on the type of materials being used and can include chromium, lead, and the abrasives from sanding disks. Inhaling contaminants from sanding and finishing can result in:

• Eyes, nose, and throat irritation • Chest pain
• Dermatitis • Dizziness
• Headaches • Nervous system damage
• Nausea/vomiting • Cancer

The best way to mitigate dust exposure is with an at-source capture system. Our dust collection solutions are built to effectively capture and collect particulate.

Are the levels of sanding and finishing dust in your work environment harmful? If you're unsure, get in touch with us for additional assistance.

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