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Laser Cutting & Engraving

During laser cutting and engraving processes, high volumes of contaminants are emitted raising concern for the safety of machine operators and the quality of cut.

If the fumes from laser cutting and engraving are not captured, they don't only pose health risks, they can also interfere with the laser beam affecting the preciseness and efficiency.

There is a range of fumes and pollutants generated during laser cutting and engraving from different substrates that are known as Laser Generated Air Contaminants (LGACs). Exposure to Laser Generated Air Contaminants can result in a variety of health effects that range depending on short to long-term exposure.

When laser cutters and engravers are cutting plastics and other combustible materials, highly toxic fumes and particulate are produced.

Most laser cutting and engraving projects are completed in a closed environment, trapping harmful particulate in the work environment unless actively vented out or filtered. This particulate can raise serious health risks and leave the air in your faclity feeling thick or smelling unpleasant.

Laser cutting and engraving systems must be equipped with fume extraction systems that meet regulatory guidelines to ensure a safe and clean air work environment.

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Fume Extraction unit hooked up to laser cutting machine

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