Hanging Fume Arm

Hanging Fume Arms

Hanging fume arms are the most popular style from FumeXtractors! They easily mount to ceilings, walls, or posts and provide 2x the suction distance when compared to competitors.

FumeXtractors hanging fume arms are ideal for a wide range of applications and feature a large diameter hood, solid steel construction, and durable external joints.


✓ External articulation
✓ Solid metal construction
✓ Tough, rotating flanged hood
✓ Wall or ceiling mountable

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Standing Fume Arm

Standing Fume Arms

FumeXtractors standing fume extraction arms are a variation of the hanging fume arm, but mount to table-tops and workbenches. They are designed to provide the best extraction for table-top projects, where a wall, ceiling, or post mount is not possible.

Our standing fume extraction arms offer ultra-smooth articulation and a flanged suction hood for maximum fume removal!


✓ External articulation
✓ Strong metal construction
✓ Tough, rotating flanged hood
✓ Table mountable

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