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General Air Quality Improvement

Did you know that indoor air quality is worse than most of us realize? Indoor concentrations of pollutants range from 2 - 100x greater than outdoor concentrations. There is a range of factors that impact air quality, including the applications or machine processes taking place, ventilation, airflow, humidity, and temperature. Dust from construction, mold, pesticides and cleaning supplies can also contribute to poor air quality.

Being exposed to poor air quality can result in health issues such as headaches, dizziness, and eyes, nose, and throat irritation. Long-term exposure presents higher risks of asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, nervous system effects, kidney damage, and cancer. This is why the air quality in your workplace plays such a key role in the safety and comfort of technicians, machine operators, students, and other employees and/or individuals nearby.

The General Duty Clause of the OSH Act requires employers to provide a safe workplace that does not have any known hazards that cause or are likely to cause death or serious injury. Improving your air quality helps lower missed days of work and improves workers' concentration, productivity rates, and product quality. The right air filtration, ventilation, and building care can prevent and fix air quality problems.

Not only does air quality improvement enhance the comfort and safety of employees, but air filtration systems also help lower maintenance and energy costs. Effective air filtration prevents contaminated air from entering breathing zones and settling on surfaces - resulting in lower risks of injury and production loss. Air filtration systems are utilized across a range of applications to capture and filter hazardous fumes, smoke, gases, dust, and more.

By drawing contaminated air through a series of high-efficiency filters, air filtration systems provide a circular airflow pattern to guarantee improved air quality. The air filtration systems provided by ACS are constructed of high-quality, American-made parts that are backed by great warranties. The filters included in our systems maximize filter replacement, compressed air, and energy savings. Our systems are built to meet the size of your space and the demands of your application.

It's important to install properly sized air filtration systems to avoid higher energy costs and frequent filter changes. Contact us for more information, or for assistance with finding an air quality solution that meets the demands of your application!

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