Vehicle Exhaust Removal Systems

When running idle, vehicles can reach up to 600°F, releasing toxic fumes and air contaminants inside enclosed buildings and garages. Overexposure to the air contaminants found in vehicle exhaust can result in serious health risks, which is why vehicle exhaust removal is required in any building or garage where vehicles are running to ensure safe working conditions.

Vehicle exhaust removal systems capture emissions directly at the source - drawing contaminated air away from the work area. Capturing vehicle exhaust at the source minimizes air movement, reduces energy usage, and keeps the air clean and breathable.

Maintaining clean air is critical for the health and safety of vehicle repair and maintenance technicians. Fume-A-Vent manufactures crushproof, overhead, and hose reel vehicle exhaust removal systems to help businesses meet local, state, and federal clean air standards.

Vehicle exhaust system hooked up to a passenger vehicle.


Everything you need to remove vehicle exhaust from your shop or garage!

We understand that time is money and knowledge is power. That's why the Fume-A-Vent team is trained to develop custom solutions for small, large, and specialty applications. With an in-house design team, industry experts, and quick quote response, Fume-A-Vent is your one-stop shop for vehicle exhaust removal.

To determine what vehicle exhaust removal system meets the demands of your application, get in touch with our team!

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