The Importance of Vehicle Exhaust Removal

By working near vehicles running at or higher than idle, repair and maintenance technicians can become exposed to hazardous vehicle exhaust such as carbon monoxide (CO). CO is a poisonous gas that has no odor and no color - which is why it presents high danger risks.

Carbon monoxide is developed during the incomplete combustion of fuels in gasoline and cannot be filtered! Although vehicle exhaust is the number one cause of CO in the U.S., it's important to understand that CO is not the only toxic particulate found in gas emissions. Vehicle exhaust also consists of nitrogen dioxide, benzene and formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide, ozone, and other particulate matter.

Exposure to the air pollutants found in vehicle exhaust emissions can result in severe health issues. Without proper vehicle exhaust extraction, gas emissions can quickly reach toxic levels when released inside a closed building. Keep in mind that ventilation alone is not effective enough to establish safe working conditions. Vehicle exhaust removal eliminates the risk.

Vehicle exhaust removal systems capture and exhaust contaminants outside, away from the building. Exhaust removal is required to establish clean air in any shop or facility where vehicles are running.

Overhead vehicle exhaust removal system installed to protect repair and maintenance technicians.
Fume-A-Vent vehicle exhaust removal system shown installed in a repair garage to extract fumes and other air contaminants.

Why Do Vehicle Exhaust Removal Systems Matter?

When running idle, vehicles can reach up to 600°F - releasing toxic fumes and contaminants within enclosed buildings and garages. Vehicle emissions are byproducts developed during the engine combustion process and from the dissolution of fuel. Exposure to air pollutants associated with vehicle emissions can result in severe health risks.

Vehicle exhaust removal is required in any building or facility where cars, trucks, etc. are running to ensure safe working conditions. Maintaining clean air is critical for the health and safety of vehicle repair and maintenance professionals.

Fume-A-Vent manufactures vehicle exhaust removal systems for passenger vehicles and light trucks. Most modern cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans operate using gasoline and are equipped with 4" horizontal tailpipes or adaptable tailpipes.

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