Dyno Exhaust Removal
Case Study

Franjo Speed perfects high performance on sport and specialty cars and provides dyno services to test the performance of vehicles. The Franjo team wanted to source capture vehicle exhaust in an enclosed Dynamometer room without changing the results of their dyno testing.

We installed a Fume-A-Vent dual-exhaust, high-temp system to eliminate harmful contaminants before reaching breathing zones. We also provided a properly sized fan, ductwork, exhaust hoses, tailpipe adapters, and controls that could handle the airflow demands of their applications.

The new source capture system allows Franjo Speed to safely and efficiently operate their business!

Dyno exhaust removal system installed at performance<br> speed shop.

Dynamometer Exhaust Removal System Install

Close up of dyno exhaust removal system and tailpipes.
Vehicle exhaust ducting with hose removing dyno exhaust.
Vehicle being dyno tested and vehicle exhaust removal in process.
Dynao exhaust removal system installed for vehicle exhaust extraction.

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