Hanging Fume Arm

Pulsing Portable Fume Extractor

FX-PT portable fume extractors provide the ultimate in flexibility for cleaning fumes and dust from plant air.

FumeXtrators mobile filtration units feature a rugged steel construction to offer excellent protection and dependability and a jet pulse cleaning system to extend our filter life, improve filter efficiency, and make maintenance easier.


✓ Three stage filtration
✓ Heavy gauge, powder coated steel
✓ Flexible capture arm

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Telescoping Fume Arm

Light-Duty Portable Fume Extractor

Our ultra-lite portable fume extractor features multiple filter options to capture fumes and dust directly at the source.

The magnetic base allows the nozzle to stay in place and easily be moved between metal surfaces, making it an excellent choice for confined spaces.


✓ Powerful motor
✓ Source capture
✓ HEPA filtration optional
✓ Ultra lightweight

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