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Wood Dust Collection

Wood dust is produced when tools and other machinery are in the process of cutting, sanding, or shaping wood. Large volumes of wood dust are present in applications such as carpentry, sawmill, and cabinet and furniture-making work environments. It's crucial to the health and safety of woodworkers that workshops are kept clean and free of debris. When uncontrolled, wood dust settles on work surfaces, floors, and equipment - overexposure to these conditions creates higher risks of health and safety injuries.

Wood dust is associated with eye, nose, and throat irritation, dermatitis, and respiratory system issues like allergic reactions. Wood dust is also recognized as a known carcinogen by the U.S. government. Dust collection systems capture wood dust at the source to remove it before it enters the airstream.

A proper dust collection system draws air from each machine at an efficient level of speed to move air volume and capture wood dust, chips, and other particulates effectively. After contaminants are captured, the airstream is filtered, and cleaned air is returned into the building or exhausted outside. ACS provides a range of dust collection solutions that help business owners meet local, state, and federal clean air standards.

Collecting and removing wood dust plays a key role in the comfort and safety of machine operators and other woodworkers nearby. ACS specializes in woodshop air filtration, dust collectors, and wood dust ducting. Our systems are built to meet the size of your space and the demands of your application.

Air filtration systems for wood dust are made available in a range of styles and system configurations. They work by pulling air through various filter media to capture dust, fumes, smoke, and more. Our air filtration systems featured a friendly plug & play design - you can simply hang or suspend Blue Ox air cleaners for immediate filtration!

Dust collectors draw contaminated air from each machine to capture wood dust, chips, and other hazardous particulates. They are designed to remove wood dust at the source before contaminants enter the airstream. Dynamo dust collection systems can be ducted to fume arms or empty downdraft tables.

Wood dust ducting can be installed on machinery to transfer contaminated air away from the work area reducing health, safety, and production risks. Nordfab Ducting connects to a variety of machines and separators for wood dust and other waste. Once the ducting clamp has been clamped into place, the seal is powerful and tight.

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