Powder/Bulk Materials Dust Control

When powders and other dry bulk materials are disturbed, dust is easily developed and transmitted into the air.

Powder handling and processing generate dust that must be properly controlled to prevent employee injury risks, equipment malfunctions, additional maintenance, and repair costs, and lost production time.

What Powder Handling Processes Create Dust?

  • Bulk bag loading and unloading
  • Conveying
  • Bag dumping
  • Feeding
  • Material weighing
  • Big bag handling
  • Mixing/Blending
  • Hose Connector
  • Grinding
  • Size reduction
  • Reactor feeding
  • Dosing
  • Crushing
  • Bulk storage
  • Big bag filling and discharing
  • Bulk storage
  • Dust inhaled by machine operators and/or employees in surrounding work areas can irritate airways, cause allergic reactions, and respiratory illness, and worsen existing lung conditions.

    Large volumes of dust can settle on equipment resulting in faster wear and frequent maintenance increasing the cost of operation. Because powder handling processes easily produce dust, employers should evaluate the work processes, cargo handling, and problem areas before choosing a dust collection solution.

    Central dust collectors are designed to clean air by collecting dust particulate and other contaminants at the source, through sealed ductwork.

    Industrial dust collectors use a blower to develop negative pressure that draws dust and contaminated air through the filter media. The blower must be sized appropriately to meet the required airflow and combat pressure drops and losses.

    Once the air has been cleaned, it can be safely released back to the work environment or outside, away from the facility, to ensure that employees are safe, equipment is properly functioning, and overall production is improved!

    Central dust collection systems are made available to accommodate a full range of industrial processes faced with powder and other dry bulk material dust challenges.

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