Dust Collector Cartridge Filters

Dust collector cartridge filters capture particulate while contaminated air is being drawn into the dust collection system. Dust collector filters are used in a range of applications to control grinding dust, welding fumes, process dust, flame-retardant, and high-temperature processes - they protect the safety of employees and other people nearby.

Industrial cartridge filters play a key role in dust collection systems and keep dust collectors operating at their highest efficiency. They also help lower the risk of injury, production loss, and maintenance costs.

When you buy from Air Cleaning Specialists, there is an excellent chance that the dust collector filters you purchase come from the same manufacturing line as the OEM cartridge.

Dust Collector Cartridge Filter

Industrial Dust Collector Filters

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While most dust collector companies don't make their own filters, they do profit from them. ACS cuts out the middleman, to provide our customers with the same filters at more affordable costs. Our dust collector cartridge filters effectively collect and remove dust from the source point to prevent harmful buildup of pollutants.

Before we begin selling any filter, we put them through rigorous long-term testing to ensure they will perform, the same, or better than the OEM.

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