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Machine operator picking up dust collector cartridge filters to replace them.

3 Reasons to Improve Your Air Quality

There is a range of factors that impact air quality. Being exposed to poor air quality can result in injury and production issues. Here are 3 reasons why you should improve your air quality.

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A kitchen space inside of a home.

Why Is Air Filtration Important?

Air filtration serves as an air quality solution for a full range of applications and industries. It's important because it keeps the airstream circulating and...

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A kitchen space inside of a home.

Everything You Need to Know About MERV Ratings

What air filter is right for your home or commercial space? Learn everything you need to know about MERV ratings to guarantee max filter efficiency!

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An industrial warehouse.

Is Poor Air Quality Affecting Your Workplace?

Improving workplace air quality not only helps your business meet state, regional, and local regulations - but also helps lower utility bills and employee sick days.

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Exhaust hose and tailpipe adapter attached to a vehicle to capture exhaust.

The Importance of Vehicle Exhaust Removal

Ventilation alone is not effective enough to establish safe working conditions. Vehicle exhaust removal removes the risk! Fume-A-Vent systems capture exhaust and draw it away from the source.

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Blue Ox air filtration system suspended from the ceiling in an industrial facility.

Brand Highlight: Blue Ox Air Cleaners

Blue Ox Air Cleaners provides highly effective air cleaning solutions so that businesses can achieve the greatest advantages from improved air quality.

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A machining tool on a table and construction technicians working in the background.

Air Filtration Vs. Ventilation

While there are distinct differences between the twov, air filtration provides excellent support for ventilation. By working together, they maximize capture capability to generate the best possible air quality.

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A waiting room must have clean air circulating to prevent the spreading of illnesses.

Air Cleaners for Covid-19

While wearing a mask & practicing social distancing have shown to significantly reduce the risk of COVID-19, there are concerns about aerosol transmission and if air filtration systems can help.

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