Why Is Air Filtration Important?

Air filtration serves as an essential solution for improving air quality across a multitude of applications and industries. Air filtration systems are important because they keep the airstream circulating and produce clean, breathable air. These systems prevent overexposure to bacteria, dust, VOCs, and other indoor air pollutants to create healthier work environments where employees are comfortable and productivity is high.

The General Duty Clause of the OSH Act requires employers to provide a safe work environment without any known hazards that may cause serious injury or death. Facilities where hazardous air contaminants are present should consider implementing air filtration systems if they are not already required to.

Several factors can impact air quality, including the type of processes or machines in use, ventilation, airflow, humidity, and temperature. Exposure to poor air quality can result in health issues such as headaches, dizziness, and irritations of the eyes, nose, and throat. Long-term exposure presents higher risks, including asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, nervous system effects, kidney damage, and cancer.

Air filtration helps keep the airstream, equipment, and work surfaces free and clear of debris — reducing the risk of injuries and lowering equipment maintenance and repair costs.

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Air filtration systems are available in various types, styles, and configurations to meet the demands of almost any application. They can effectively handle a wide range of contaminants, from smoke and odors to fumes and VOCs. Each system uses a blower, or fan, to draw away contaminated air through advanced filter media technology.

It's our goal to help you achieve the greatest advantages of air quality improvement. Here are the top 3 reasons why you should invest in air filtration:

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1. Increase Safety

Employers are responsible for the health and safety of machine operators.

Proper air filtration is key to preventing employee injury. By implementing air cleaning systems, contaminants are captured before reaching breathing zones and work surfaces - reducing employee injuries and lowering maintenance costs.

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2. Improve Productivity

Better air quality = higher production rates!

When you improve the air filtration in your workplace you're lowering injury risks, reducing sick days, and minimizing the chance of equipment malfunction all resulting in higher production rates.

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3. Protect Equipment

It's important to remember that the risk of air contamination is not limited.

When air contaminants go uncollected, dust and particulate lands on work surfaces and settles in machinery resulting in higher maintenance costs, system damage, and loss in production time.

A canvas printing business with a Blue Ox air filtration system installed to remove solvent and fumes.

Blue Ox Air Cleaners Case Study:
Printing Solvent & Fume Removal

Weber Made USA, a canvas printing company operating in a small work space, was faced with the discomfort and hazard of printer solvents and fumes in the airstream. They needed a simple, affordable solution that could be easily installed and operated.

The Blue Ox Air Cleaners team provided an OX1100-CC air filtration system that was installed above the printing station. The Blue Ox OX1100-CC continuously and efficiently filters print solvents and fumes without overpowering the work area. Blue Ox units don't require any ductwork and can be easily relocated to accommodate layout changes in the shop.

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Featured Air Filtration Systems

Blue Ox OX1100-CC commercial air filtration system

OX1100-CC Commercial Air Cleaner

The Blue Ox OX1100-CC features a Straight-Thru airflow pattern to draw air in through the systems and push it through a grill and fan on the opposite side.

OX1100-CC units are perfect for paint overspray, tobacco smoke, printing, or any application where odors and VOCs are the main concern. These smaller systems can be placed in confined space applications and offer quiet operation with variable speed.

✓ 825 CFM
✓ 1/4 H.P. Direct Drive Fan with Thermal Overload
✓ 8 air changes per hour

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Blue Ox OX3000 commercial air filtration system

OX3000 Commercial Air Cleaner

The Blue Ox OX3000 offers a T Pattern airflow and exhausts air in the center of the unit with inlets on both ends.

OX3000 commercial air filtration systems are equipped with a dual set of micro-glass fiber filters that have a larger filter area and allow the system to operate with less static pressure, which makes them ideal for welding smoke and fume applications. The lower airflow-to-filter ratio results in higher efficiency and longer filter life.

✓ 3,000 CFM
✓ 3/4 H.P. Direct Drive Fan
✓ 8-10 air changes per hour

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Blue Ox OX3200 industrial air filtration system

OX3200 Industrial Air Cleaner

The Blue Ox OX3200 is designed with a T Pattern airflow and features inlets on both ends and exhausts air from the center of the unit. These industrial air filtration systems are built for larger installations and high contamination loads.

Blue Ox OX3200 systems provide higher filter cloth-to-air ratios to lower maintenance and require fewer units to develop an effective airflow pattern. These units can be used for any application where contaminants, mist, or smoke are created. The 1x2 model offers 2x the filter surface area of a single unit, resulting in over 3x the filter life.

✓ 3,200 CFM
✓ PSC-Direct Drive Fan 3/4 H.P.
✓ 8 air changes per hour

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Air filtration systems are most effective when used in tandem, and must be properly placed to create a circular airflow pattern. With the right placement, you can remove airborne contaminants, prevent stale pockets of air, prevent pests, mitigate bacteria, and restrict mold.

If you’d like to learn more about improving your air quality or if you need assistance with proper air filtration system placement, get in touch with one of our specialists. We look forward to helping you achieve the greatest advantage from improving your indoor air quality.

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