BOSS High Speed Abort Gate

The BOSS EcoMAXX High-Speed Abort Gate is an NFPA required safety device that prevents hazardous air from returning into work environments by automatically venting harmful gases outside of the facility, should a fire and/or explosion occur.

It is required by the NFPA that all High-Speed Abort Gates be stimulated by a spark detection system. These systems operate using multiple infrared sensors to detect sparks and burning embers.

Once a spark is detected, a signal is sent to the EcoMAXX™ High Speed Abort Gate to automatically close and divert. Over pressure activation is standard on all units and is a key feature to the design of our High-Speed Abort Gates.

Standard Features:

    ✓ 24v control panel
    ✓ Weather hood
    ✓ Manual rearm
    ✓ Pneumatic rearm
    ✓ Flanged inlet & outlet
    ✓ Triple security protection
    ✓ Epoxy powder coated safety red finish
    ✓ NFPA compliant with spark detection control
    ✓ Status light for connection to spark detection
BOSS ECOMAXX High Speed Abort Gate


High-speed abort gates are engineered with triple-activation security

An EcoMAXX High Speed Abort Gate is an essential SAFETY SMART component in any dust collection combustible dust mitigation solution.

BOSS High Speed Abort Gates are activated when:

  1. Activation by over pressure & without electrical signal
  2. Activation by electronic spark detection signal
  3. Activation by rapid temperature increase in clean air duct plenum
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Various NFPA standards require that a dust collection system has a way to prevent the transmission of energy from a fire or explosion to a building or work facility.

By implementing High Speed Abort Gates, you can secure the protection of your employees and facility.

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