Fume-A-Vent simple drop systems show in an auto dealership installation.

Auto Dealership Vehicle Exhaust Removal Case Study


Hollywood Motor Co. bought an older building and turned it into a new automotive dealership with corresponding repair and service garage. The exisiting garage requires vehicle exhaust removal to establish clean, breathable air, so they got in touch with the Fume-A-Vent team to have an exhaust removal system customized for the space.

Hollywood Motor Co. wasn't looking for anything elaborate and wanted a vehicle exhaust removal solution that is easy to install, user-friendly, and affordable.


Fume-A-Vent provided Hollywood Motor Co with rope and pulley simple drop systems that allow dual exhaust service at each lift. Our overhead simple drop systems are an easy-to-use and cost-efficient solution for exhaust hose storage and accessibility.

The rope and pulley system conveniently store exhaust hoses out of the work area when not needed and make them easy to access when you do. Our exhaust hose reels are listed by the mechanism used to retract the hose into storage: Spring or Motorized. A proper tailpipe adapter pairing ensures that they can work on all different types of vehicles.

Listened to our needs, designed a system, and provided us with all of the parts for thousands less than comparable systems. We couldn't be more happy with the end result.

- Ken G., Hollywood Motor Company

Dual exhaust exhaust fume removal system Hose Reel system for vehicle exhaust removal

Why Choose A Simple Drop System?

Simple Drop Systems are the most popular option due to their customizable and cost saving options. Simple Drop lifting configurations include rope and pulley and spring cable balancers.

Complete the vehicle exhaust removal system with a direct-mount fan for a stand-alone system or connection to ductwork and a central fan. We can assist with the exact temperature, diameter, and length of hose needed, along with the tailpipe adapter nozzle, to meet the needs of your custom application.

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Simple drop systems explained.

How Do Simple Drop Systems Work?

  1. The exhaust hose connects directly to the ducting system
  2. The hose is designed with the exact temperature & length required
  3. Hose is stowed using an elbow joint which suspends the hose
  4. A nozzle is selected to meet application needs
  5. The hose is lowered from the ceiling and easily unclipped for use
  6. The nozzle (4) easily attaches to the exhaust source to remove car exhaust

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