Auto Parts Manufacturing Dust Removal Case Study

A global automotive parts manufacturer faced with unique safety and health requirements needed help establishing a safe, clean air working environment.

These machine operators weld up to 8 hours a day and rely on dust collectors to extract and filter contaminated air.

Before Dynamo's industrial dust collectors, these welders were faced with a system that was inefficient and costly, required frequent filter changes, and operated loudly.

Once Dynamo Dust Collectors were installed, the machine operators noticed a drastic change in the facility's air quality!

Auto parts manufacturing plant.

After installing Dynamo Dust Collectors, employees noticed an immediate difference with efficiency.

A welder working on an auto part project.
Auto Parts Manufacturing process.
Auto Parts Manufacturing equipment
Auto Parts Manufacturing
Dynamo Dust Collector equipped with MAC Pulse Valves as standard.

MAC Pulse Valves

Dynamo Dust Collectors come equipped with MAC pulse valves. These valves are optimized for harsh environments and allow our dust collectors to provide a strong, quiet, and reliable solution for industrial applications.

The high impact pulse of MAC valves results in less frequent intervals and system operation which saves energy and cuts filter changes down by up to 30% when compared to competitors!

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