Bar Tobacco Smoke Removal Case Study

The owners of 33 Roadhouse in Crosby, MS., were facing issues with cigarette and tobacco smoke filling the air in their bar. The smoke would generate a heavy haze that was negatively impacting the bar's air quality and cleanliness.

33 Roadhouse required an affordable air filtration system that operates silently and doesn't take up a lot of space. They wanted a solution that can be installed discreetly to avoid causing an eyesore.

Our team placed a Blue Ox OX110 Air Cleaner above the fireplace on the far wall to ensure it blended in with the environment. The OX1100 air filtration system is powerful enough to remove any smokey haze while improving the bar's air circulation and overall air quality.

Blue Ox OX1100 air cleaner installed at 33 Roadhouse to remove tobacco and cigarette smoke.

From Our Customers

Would recommend this to anyone who has an issue with smoke. Best price and works wonderfully!

- Lynn, Roadhouse 33

Blue Ox Air Cleaner shown installed in a bar to remove cigarette and tobacco smoke.
The Blue Ox OX1100 commercial air cleaner installed to remove bar tobacco and cigarette smoke.

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