Commercial Kitchen Odor Removal Case Study

A large asset management firm with a corporate cafeteria was having trouble controlling odors from the kitchen. After the lunch break, food odors would migrate from the cafeteria into the nearby offices and hallways.

The property manager requested a quiet and unobtrusive solution that fits into the workspace's high-end aesthetics.

Our team provided two Blue Ox OX1100-CC air cleaners - one was installed above the serving area, in front of the kitchen, and the second one was placed behind the kitchen towards the exit door.

OX1100-CC air filtration systems are equipped with 18lbs of carbon to ensure the removal of odors. While the kitchen staff is cooking and/or serving food, the units run quietly and are unnoticed while operating.

By hanging the commercial air cleaners on chains through the ceiling tile, we were able to accomplish a polished look.

Blue Ox commercial air cleaner installed to remove cafetery and kitchen odors.
Blue Ox OX1100-CC commercial air cleaning system

OX1100-CC Commercial Air Cleaners

Blue Ox OX1100-CC air cleaners feature a straight-thru pattern airflow that have a grill/fan on one end and specialized filter media on the other end.

These units are excellent for paint overspray, tobacco smoke, printing, or any application where odors and/or VOCs are the main concern. Each unit is self-contained for individual use or for use in groups.

CFM: 825
Airflow: Straight Thru
Filters Included:
• 15" x 20" x 1" 35% Washable Foam Pre-Filter
• 15" x 20" x 12" 95% 6 Pocket Bag Filter
• 15" x 20" x 12" 18lb Carbon Module ("A" frame cannister)

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Commercial Kitchen Air Filtration Systems Install

Blue Ox air filtration system installed to remove food odors from a commercial kitchen.
Blue Ox commercial kitchen air filtration system installed to remove food odors.
The Blue Ox OX1100-CC installed to removed commercial kitchen odors.
Blue Ox air cleaner shown installed in commercial kitchen to remove odors.

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