Fire Station Exhaust Removal
Case Study

Monarch Fire Protection District provides fire rescue, emergency medical services, and fire prevention/education to their community. They wanted an affordable, simple, installable, low-maintenance system that would operate without ongoing cost.

We provided source capture systems to effectively remove harmful particulate while engines are running in the apparatus bay. Source capture minimizes the amount of air that needs to be removed and helps establish clean, safe, and breathable air.

Our systems are user-friendly, efficient and the most cost-effective solution for Firehouse and EMS applications.

Fume-A-Vent is a recommended method for controlling exhaust emissions in fire stations. Our fire station exhaust removal systems feature quick detachment mechanisms for speedy emergency exits and a 100% source capture performance.

Fire station vehicle exhaust removal install.

Source Capture Systems Designed for Monarch Fire Department

Source capture system attached to fire truck for exhaust removal.
Fire truck exhaust removal ducting.
Source Capture Systems installed at Monarch Fire Department.
Source capture system attached to fire truck for exhaust removal.
Fume-A-Vent Source Capture System attached to a fire truck to provide exhaust extraction.

Source Capture Benefits

  • The Engine Sensor Control Panel activates the exhaust fan and expels diesel fumes outside when engines are started.
  • The 100% source capture, “simple drop” nozzle automatically disconnects from the tailpipe when the apparatus exits the engine house.
  • When the vehicle exits out of the garage and the hose disconnects, great pulling forces are put onto the system and our support assembly is designed to prevent any damages.
  • The only time the firefighters touch the system is when the nozzle is connected to the tailpipe.
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