Granite & Silica Dust Removal Case Study

Granite Transformations is a global home and business remodeling company that was having problems controlling granite and silica dust particles and epoxy odors. They provide a full selection of resurfacing designs in a range of materials for kitchen and bathroom remodel.

Granite Transformations attempted to find a filter solution that removes odors and controls dust but was unsuccessful. Our team provided Blue Ox OX3000 industrial air cleaners that were installed above the main work area.

After installing Blue Ox units, the air quality at Granite Transformations has become noticeably better! The granite and silica dust no longer lingers in the air and the epoxy odors have been greatly reduced. Machine operators have also commented that the air circulation helps them stay cool on hot days.

Blue Ox OX3000 industrial air cleaner installed at Granite Transformation to remove granite and silica dust.
Blue Ox OX3000 Industrial Air Cleaning System

OX3000 Industrial Air Cleaners

Blue Ox OX3000 air cleaners have several distinct advantages over conventionally designed units. They feature inlets on both ends, exhaust in the center, and provide a T-pattern airflow.

OX3000 air filtration systems come equipped with a dual set of micro-glass fiber filters that provide more filter area and allow units to operate with considerably less static pressure. The lower airflow-to-filter ratio provides higher efficiency and a longer filter life!

CFM: 3000
Airflow: T Pattern Airflow Unit
Filters Included:
• (2) 24" x 24" x 4" 35% Pleated Fiber Pre-Filter
• (2) 24" x 24" x 22" 65% 8 Pocket Bag Filter

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