A machine operator working on a project using a grinder while sparks emit from the work piece.

Grinding & Deburring Dust Removal

Industrial grinding and deburring processes emit dust that must be immediately filtrated before reaching the respiratory areas of machine operators. During grinding and deburring processes, hazardous fumes and dust transmit into the airstream. Facilities that use die grinders, angle grinders, and automated grinding machines are at high risk of exposure if air contaminants are not extracted from the source.

Based on the type of grinding or deburring application, airborne metals, rubber and fiberglass dust, and composites can transmit into the air presenting serious health and safety risks. Grinding and deburring dust can result in a range of health effects when not properly filtered, including:

  • Pneumoconiosis (dusty lung)
  • Eye, ear, nose, throat and skin irritation
  • Nervous system damage
  • and Chronic lung problems

Certain dust particles can potentially dissolve into a person's bloodstream and travel throughout their body damaging different organs such as the liver, kidneys, and brain. When grinding and deburring dust is not extracted, it also settles on die grinders, angle grinders, auto grinding machines, and other equipment raising concern for work injuries, production loss, and machining issues.

Is Your Workplace At Risk of Grinding &
Deburring Dust?

Evaluate your safety needs:

  • What type of material is being worked on?
  • How long are employees machining?
  • What is your current dust collection solution?
  • Are grinding, deburring or sanding materials being used?
  • Is your current dust collection system working correctly?
  • Is your work environment confined with little or no ventilation?
  • Is potentially explosive combustible dust present?
  • Are workpieces cleaned or painted?
  • Can you take advantage of any airstreams?

Because grinding and deburring dust can spread through a building so quickly, the most effective solution is to extract it from the workstation, preventing it from making its way to machine operators, machinery, and electronic equipment. The most effective way to establish a clean air workspace is by implementing a system that captures and filters contaminated air at the source.

Facilities with grinding application that produces explosive or combustible dust face even greater risks. FumeXtractors is home to a range of equipment designed to capture fumes and dust as its being produced.

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A grinder in operation and sparks generating from the work piece. A machine operated grinding a work piece while sparks are produced.

Grinding & Deburring Dust Extractors

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