Home Tobacco Smoke & Odor Removal Case Study

Blue Ox Air Cleaners can be used in residential applications to remove tobacco smoke and odors, and clean the air!

A family that enjoys entertaining and often has friends over for get-togethers, reached out to our team in need of help controlling tobacco smoke and odors. Whenever they have guests over, they use the garage/man cave as the designated smoking area. The smoke was causing residue to develop on the ceilings and left a smoke odor lingering in the air.

They wanted a cost-friendly solution that didn't overtake their garage and would effectively remove cigarette odors and smoke from the air. They also needed a solution that was easy to install and maintain.

We installed a Blue Ox OX1100 air cleaner in the center of the back wall in their garage. This unit is powerful enough to extract smoke and odors, and improve the air quality in their smoking space.

Blue Ox OX1100 residential air cleaner installed in home garage for cigarette and tobacco smoke and odor removal.

From Our Customers

Virtually free of smoke and odor when we entertain others, and when the unit is ran afterwards - the air is sparkling in a short amount of time.

- Britt N., Homeowner

Blue Ox home air cleaner installed in residential garage for tobacco smoke and odor removal.
Blue Ox home air cleaner hung in home garage to remove tobacco and cigarette smoke and odors.

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