Machining Process Dust Control Case Study

Spring Creek Machining (SCCM), a full-service machine shop, was challenged with constant, uncontrolled black process dust filling their facility. SCCM operates in a 12,000 square foot facility that houses machines for applications like CNC grinding, welding, heat treatment, wire EDM, and more.

There are dozens of machines positioned tightly in the facility and high volumes of black process dust are constantly generated and emitted into the air. Machine operators weren't happy with the conditions and the dust in the air was an obvious issue.

A source capture system was not an option for Spring Creek Machining because they have retrofitting duct drops to each machine and installing a central dust collector was not cost-effective. Four Blue Ox OX3500C industrial air cleaners, equipped with silencers, were installed above the shop floor.

Our team developed an airflow pattern to ensure that dust from the machines would be effectively removed. After installing Blue Ox air cleaning systems, the black process dust in the air at SCCM has been dramatically reduced and conditions in the shop have greatly improved!

Blue Ox air cleaners installed at SCCM to help control machining process dust.
Blue Ox OX3500C industrial air cleaning system

OX3500C Industrial Air Cleaners

Blue Ox OX3500C air cleaners feature a T-pattern airflow with inlets on both ends and exhausts in the center.

A dual set of micro-glass fiber disposable filters provides more filter area and allows these systems to operate with less static pressure. The lower airflow-to-filter ratio provides higher efficiency and longer filter life.

CFM: 3500
Airflow: T Pattern Airflow Unit
Filters Included:
• (2) 24" x 24" x 4" 35% Pleated Fiber Pre-Filter
• (2) 24" x 24" x 22" 65% 8 Pocket Bag Filter

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From Our Customers

We love our Blue Ox Air Cleaners! We use them in a machining environment, and they have been great for reducing the amount of black particles in the air.

- Brianne Huffman, SCCM

Blue Ox Air Cleaners unit hanging at machining facility to remove black process dust.
Blue Ox industrial air cleaner installed about work area at Spring Creek Machining.
Blue Ox Air Cleaners hanging in Spring Creek Machining to provide black process dust removal.
Machine operator working on a project at SCCM while a Blue Ox air cleaner cleans the air above him.

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