Oil Mist & Smoke Collectors

ScandMist oil mist and smoke collectors are designed for continuous operation in demanding airflow applications.

The ScandMist 3-stage filtration process progressively cleans the air in metalworking environments. Stages one and two remove oil and emulsion, and the final HEPA filter cleans the air so that it can be returned to the working environment.

With an efficiency of 99.95% @ 0,3 ┬Ám, ScandMist is the best-proven technology for machining and metalworking facilities.

ScandMist Oil Mist and Smoke Collector


ScandMist provides machine operators with unsurpassed technology

ScandMist oil and smoke collectors are built to accommodate wet to medium-wet, semi-dry and dry applications. Because of our renowned filtration background, ScandMist continues to move forward in improving air quality for industrial machine processing facilities.

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