Printing Solvent And Fume Removal Case Study

Weber Made USA, a canvas printing company, was having issues controlling printer solvents and fumes in their workspace. Because they operate in a small environment, they required a solution that would not overpower the work area. Weber Made also wanted a cost-friendly solution that was easy to install and operate.

When transmitted, the VOCs found in printer solvents will negatively affect air quality and present various health and safety risks. We installed the Blue Ox OX1100-CC because it has the strength to effectively remove printing solvents, fumes, and odors from the airstream.

We installed the Blue Ox air cleaning system by hanging it up and above the printing station. Blue Ox Air Cleaners don’t require any ductwork! With a friendly plug & play design, you can simply hang or suspend Blue Ox air cleaners for immediate filtration!

Blue Ox Air Cleaner installed to remove printer solvent and fumes from the air.

OX1100-CC Commercial Air Cleaners

Blue Ox OX1100-CC air cleaners feature a straight-thru pattern airflow that have a grill/fan on one end and specialized filter media on the other end.

These units are excellent for paint overspray, tobacco smoke, printing, or any application where odors and/or VOCs are the main concern. Each unit is self-contained for individual use or for use in groups.

CFM: 825
Airflow: Straight Thru
Filters Included:
• 15" x 20" x 1" 35% Washable Foam Pre-Filter
• 15" x 20" x 12" 95% 6 Pocket Bag Filter
• 15" x 20" x 12" 18lb Carbon Module ("A" frame cannister)

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Printer Solvent Removal & Fume Extraction for Weber Made USA

Blue Ox Air Cleaner installed at Weber Made to provide printer solvent and fume extraction.
Blue Ox OX1100-CC shown installed in printing shop to remove printing solvent and fume.
Blue Ox Air Cleaner installed to remove printing solvent and fume.
Blue OX OX1100-CC installed to provide printing solvent and fume extraction.

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