FumeXtractors Robotic Welding Station

Robotic Welding Fume Removal

Robotic welding is popular in modern manufacturing environments because of its cost-efficiency and effectiveness.

By installing robotic welding stations, various-sized businesses can reduce cycle time, while improving overall quality and weld speed.

While robotic welding increases production volume, it also increases the number of fumes being transmitted during the process.

Robotic welding applications produce a higher amount of fumes in comparison to manual welding because the arc works for longer periods.

The hazards of weld fumes are especially dangerous in facilities where robotic welding takes place because the machines are welding at such an increased speed for extended periods. Hexavalent chromium and various other contaminants can accrue within the environment if not properly extracted.

Employers must implement robotic welding stations to collect fumes at the source, above the welding cell ensuring that pollutants are captured and filtered appropriately.

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Robotic Welding fumes and sparks during operation.

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