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Oil Smoke & Mist Collectors

Air Cleaning Specialists, Inc. is proud to offer the ScandMist product by MANN+HUMMEL. ScandMist is designed to provide machine operators with unsurpassed technology to ensure safe, secure, and clean air working environments.

ScandMist collectors remove oil mist and smoke at the source, with the ability to capture 99.97% of particulate as small as @ 0,3 ┬Ám, they are the best choice for all machining facilities.

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How It Works

During stage one, contaminated air is passed through the filter media where oil particles are attracted to oleophobic fibers. When droplets collide with the fiber and become large enough, they fall to the base of the collector where the oil or coolant can be drained or collected.

After the air is scrubbed it's passed through a second coalescer in stage two. The process is repeated with a higher filtration efficiency to capture small particles that were not caught in stage one.

Stage three thoroughly cleans the remaining air with a HEPA filter to trap sub-micron particles such as trace oil, smoke, bacteria, pollen, and spores.

The Benefits of ScandMist

Energy Efficient Icon

Energy Efficient

ScandMist units are fitted with a closed-loop motor and fan speed control as standard. The EC motors are designed to deliver maximum performance from a low energy demand. Because of our 3-stage filter process, ScandMist reduces your energy consumption and allows captured droplets to be recycled and/or reused.

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Cost Effective

The exhaust air from ScandMist oil mist and smoke collectors is so clean it can be returned directly to the work environment. You no longer have to heat and expel air outside resulting in a remarkable impact on heating costs.

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Maintenance Free

ScandMist collectors work like magic! Oil mist and smoke disappears and you won't have to touch units for at least one year, we guarantee it! The concept behind ScandMist ensures superior performance, the industry's best 2 to 5-year filter life, and surgical-grade clean air.

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Improved Health & Safety Conditions

When oil smoke and mist is not properly filtered, deposits settle on work surfaces creating slippery and unsafe working conditions. Overexposure to oil smoke and mist presents respiratory, skin, and lung health risks for machine operators. ScandMist models are specifically designed to effectively eliminate fire risks, workplace injuries, and health hazards.

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