Weld Fume & Smoke Removal Case Study

A local welding shop was having trouble exhausting weld fumes from their facility and reached out to us for help. The shop is small and crowded with welding equipment so they needed an air filtration system that will be kept out of the way.

Before Blue Ox Air Cleaners, the welding fumes would become trapped in the space and create a thick fog. Because of the dangers behind welding fumes and smoke, our team was required to create a pattern to efficiently circulate air through the work area.

We installed the Blue Ox OX3000 over the main work area. The air cleaner has been highly effective in reducing welding fumes and eliminating the thick fog!

Blue Ox OX3000 installed for a local welding shop to reduce weld fumes and smoke.

Effective welding fume & smoke extraction!

Blue Ox Air Cleaner installed to remove weld fumes and smoke from local shop.
A local welding shop shown with a Blue Ox unit installed for welding fume and smoke extraction.
Blue Ox OX3000 shown in a small local welding shop for weld fume and smoke removal.

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