Welding Workshop Fume Removal Case Study

A high school in Mission, Texas renovated a building on campus and needed to install welding booths and fume extraction systems in their welding workshop. They decided on an open aisle floor plan so that the instructor can easily walk through to monitor student's progress.

We provided the high school with both welding booths and fume extraction equipment. FumeXtractors arms are ideal for capturing welding fumes and smoke at the source and each FumeXtractors welding booths are self-contained, allowing the user to change the configuration as needed.

Our team worked with distributors and a general contractor to customize a solution with a turn-key price. One of our on-site project managers ensured a simple installation process that exceeded Mission High School's expectations.

FumeXtractors welding booths and fume arms installed in a welding workshop.
FumeXtractors Welding Booth for fume extraction.

FumeXtractors Welding Booths

FumeXtractors welding booths are designed for welding schools, technical colleges, and limited footprint production environments.

These units are comprised of a modular series of welding booth panels and accessories that can be combined to create the optimal configuration for your space, with only the features you need and want.

✓ 12ga double panel construction
✓ Fire resistant panels
✓ NFPA & OSHA compliant

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Welding Booths shown in high school workshop.
Overview of Fumextractors welding booths and fume extraction systems in a workshop.
Welding fume removal systems in a highschool workshop.
FumeXtractors welding booths and fume arms installed in a high school workshop.

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