Woodworking Dust Removal Case Study

Olde Dog Woodworking specializes in creating custom cabinetry, bookshelves, bars, and more for residential spaces. The woodshop is located in a home basement, and the owner was having trouble controlling dust and keeping it contained within the workspace.

Olde Dog was relying on a source capture system to collect the wood dust, but it was not effective in preventing dust from settling on work surfaces and finding its way into the living area.

Due to the size of the woodshop, our team developed a strategic placement of the Blue Ox 1100 Air Cleaner to establish an efficient air pattern. The Blue Ox OX100 acts as a secondary air filtration system and has drastically reduced the amount of dust in the woodshop and prevents it from entering the home.

Blue Ox OX1100 installed in home woodshop to collect wood dust.
Blue Ox OX1100 commercial air cleaning system

OX1100 Commercial Air Cleaners

Blue Ox OX1100 air cleaners feature a straight-thru pattern airflow that pulls contaminated air through the filter media and exhausts clean air through the grill on the opposite end.

These units provide quiet operation with variable speed making them excellent in confined space applications and for any application that doesn't require odor control. Each system is self-contained for use individually or in groups.

CFM: 1100
Airflow: Straight Thru
Filters Included:
• 15" x 20" x 1" 35% Washable Foam Pre-Filter
• 15" x 20" x 24" 95% 6 Pocket Bag Filter

Shop OX1100 Commercial Air Cleaners

From Our Customers

I used to open the door to work, which was a nightmare in the winter time. With the Blue Ox, I no longer have to. And my wife is happier now that my shop dust stays in the shop.

- Scott, Olde Dog Woodworking

Blue Ox OX1100 air cleaner for wood dust.
The hands of a machine operator working on a cutting wood project.
Blue Ox Air Cleaner shown in woodshop to collect wood dust.
One side of the Blue Ox OX1100 Air Cleaner.

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