Machining Fume & Smoke Removal Case Study

Smith Production LLC, a machine shop in Norwich, New York, was having an issue with machining fume, smoke, and particulate filling their shop air. They operate in a 5600 sq. ft. space where five CNC machines are continually running for 10-12 hours a day, cutting hot rolled and cold rolled steel. Welding and painting applications also take place daily.

Because Smith Production has various machines running simultaneously, there was a high volume of smoke and particulate filling the workspace. Smith Production wanted an efficient, cost-effective solution that isn't obstructive and involves minimal installation.

Like with Spring Creek Machine Shop, we provided four Blue Ox OX3500C industrial air cleaners with silencers. The units were installed above the shop floor and positioned to collect fumes, smoke, and particulate from all of the machines

After the OX3500C industrial air cleaners were installed, the machine operators noticed an immediate difference in the quality of air! Our air cleaning systems exhausted the fumes and smoke and dramatically reduced the amount of particulate in the air.

Blue Ox OX3500C industrial air cleaner installed at Smith Production LLC to remove machining fume and smoke.

From Our Customers

We really found this company easy to work with as well as having the knowledge to help us get units that work for our work environment.

- Tiger Smith, Smith Production LLC

Blue Ox OX3500C air cleaner installed to extract machining fume and smoke.
Blue Ox OX3500C industrial air cleaner installed at Smith Production LLC to extract CNC and welding fumes and smoke.
Blue Ox OX3500C shown installed to remove fumes and smoke from a machine shop.
Blue Ox industrial air cleaner installed to remove welding and CNC smoke and fumes.

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